Saturday, July 13, 2002

Diary: Feminization Syllabus

Now that my list makes more sense, I only need to come up with the exact syllabus.  

I already have established that there should be five grades, and that these grades are based on the sum of points in the three categories outlined above (I should add that homosexuality should be included in the experience levels, parallel to the instances of crossdressing; such that a man who has just discovered crossdressing is equivalent to one who has made out with a boy, and a man who has worn women’s clothing the requisite number of times is equivalent to one who has been fucked by a boy).  The five grades should follow the progress of the complete rookie all the way to womanhood, following the experience levels.  In other words, each grade should lead up to the next experience level by fulfilling all of the requirements.

Grade 1: For complete newbies.  Gearing men to imagine what it’s like to be women.  Intro to the female way of thinking and behaving.  Mannerisms.  Thought patterns.  Familiarity with articles of clothing.  Fashion.

Grade 2: For those who understand female thinking.  Leads to either crossdressing or homosexuality.  Role playing: acting like a girl.  Takes lessons learned in grade 1 and puts them into practice.  Learn how to please a man, and the essentials of women’s clothes.  Project: a) acquire a wardrobe, starting with underwear; or b) make out with a boy.  Must pass this to make it to Grade 3.

Grade 3: For those with boyfriends or those with wardrobes.  This grade is practical application of lessons learned in Grade 2.  Those who have chosen transvestitism will be introduced to their new wardrobes garment by garment, until they have passed the experience requirement to pass to the next grade.  Those who have chosen homosexuality will begin an intensive sex seminar, where they will learn the sexual secrets of women, and will intensify their relationships with their boyfriends, until they have actually been penetrated.

Grade 4: For those with sufficient clothing experience and those who have lost their virginity.  In this grade, our men having become expert homosexuals or crossdressers, pick up the other discipline; that is, homosexuals acquire wardrobes and learn to wear it, while continuing to have sex with boys; and transvestites learn to seduce boys.  To pass this grade, a man must become officially expert in both disciplines, so that he is wearing strictly women’s clothes and sucking cock and taking it in the ass regularly.

Grade 5: For those who have become female in all but physical characteristics.  These men embark on hormone replacement therapy and plastic surgery.  They participate in a beauty pageant before being granted the privilege of undergoing the final surgery.

Those whose level of participation amounts to zeal are generally overeager to participate in the lessons of the grades above, and will possibly undermine their own progress because of it.  Those who are enthusiastic will be eager, but unwilling to move too fast through the ranks, for fear of missing out on something important.  Those who are passive will follow the syllabus exactly, and do only as they are told.  Those who are reluctant will protest every step, but perform it when threatened with force.  Those who resist will be forced.

The course should last a year.  Each grade should take no more than ten weeks.

After thinking about the requirements for some time, I have decided that transvestitism should be ranked on a breadth of experience with different garments, with a focus, of course, on underwear and swimwear.  I need to finalize my points system before I can adequately issue official requirements.

I think I’m about ready to start.

Also, I think it would be a good idea, given the syllabus I’m coming up with, to track my own experience, and see how many points I get over time.  Should be a fun little project.

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