Wednesday, August 02, 1995

Diary: Correction

A correction to the above post: all I want is to wear their clothes and fantasize about wearing their clothes while they watch, and make me become one of them in every way.

Tuesday, August 01, 1995

Diary: Mail-Order

I'm on the verge of ordering lingerie through the internet.  All I need to work out is the money, where I should have it delivered so that nobody knows about it, and exactly which items I should choose.
I've settled on this teddy, which is white, and buttons up in front.  Very sexy.  It has garters, to which I will attach white fishnet stockings.  I will also order a bra, little white panties, a garter belt, and black fishnet stockings.  That's where my problem is: which outfit sould I get?  One is items which all match, with which I have to order my little white panties.  The other is a hodgepodge of items, which I'm not sure will match, but which are all good on their own.  I think I want the matching set, even though it will be hard to hide, and more expensive, and a bit flashy, to the point where it's even a bit tacky.  But the teddy and fishnets are a certainty.  I want that ASAP.  It's all just a few keystrokes away. . .

Sometimes I worry that I'm going too far with this.  I will be spending over one hundred dollars on things to masturbate with.  It's rather outrageous of me, but hey, what can I say?  I live in a world of fantasy because I can't work up any interest in casual sex.  All I want is to fantasize about wearing their clothes.  Or rather, all I want is to wear their clothes, and fantasize about them.  Ooh, that teddy makes me sweat. . .  And I'll probably own it before Christmas.  I'll probably never stop wearing it. . .