They say that people with homosexual tendencies who hide their true sexual preference are "in the closet." For me, the expression has more subtle nuances. Yes, I hide a terrible sexual secret, but not entirely in the traditional sense of the phrase. I am a man whose "closet" contains the skankiest of women's clothing. Wearing women's clothes -- especially underwear and swimwear -- fulfills my deepest and strongest sexual appetites. I have a powerful urge to become a fantastically sexy and promiscuous girl. However, nobody knows about it. I am happily married. I instinctively ogle beautiful women. I'm not attracted to men. But when I get into one of my moods, I want to slip into something sexy, and fantasize about sucking and fucking cock as I become utterly feminine. I prefer to lead a very normal life, with occasional secret forays into wild transsexual fantasies. I prefer to keep my cross-gendered closet in the closet.