Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Various Girlie Dreams, and Consequences in Real Life

I've been going crazy with deprivation lately. It's going to blow up soon, and it'll be incredibly fun, but I have to wait for now.

Because of my runaway fantasies, I dreamed last night that I was walking around something like a Las Vegas casino resort, with lots of people around and long distances between places. I was wearing knee-high black boots with pointy toes and high heels, and maybe some sort of lingerie or little black dress. I was light on my feet, and proud of my outfit. I didn't at all care what anybody thought about it.

Some time later, I was playing with eye makeup in my hotel room, when I heard my wife arriving. I had thick black mascara and eye shadow on my right eye, and I was desperate to remove it before she could see me. I managed to rinse it off in the sink just as she arrived, and I had to hide the mascara from her, in my hand, desperate to hide it somewhere. Then the whole dream just devolved into some other events that I only vaguely remember, but all while trying to hide from my wife the fact that I'm wearing something feminine.

As a tribute to my dreams, I'm wearing my black lace-up panties all day, and damn the consequences.