Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Joy of Tights

As I sit here enjoying my little black dress, I feel like elaborating a bit on how important tights and stockings are to my feminine psyche.

The very first item of feminine clothing I ever wore was a pair of white tights, when I was a wee toddler. It affected me deeply. It was part of a costume for a Kindergarten class play, in which all the children dressed up as flowers. All the boys and girls had to wear white tights as part of the costume.

Already, we boys all knew how taboo this was, but we all did as we were told, and nobody complained. In my mind, they were so different from anything I'd ever worn, and only girls wore them. I liked them, and wanted to wear them to bed, but I wasn't allowed to. I had had my first taste of femininity, and I liked it, even though I had no idea what it implied.

Years later, as I hit puberty, I remembered my white tights. I found myself strangely excited by pretty women, and loved how they all wore tights, stockings, pantyhose. I eventually found the courage to borrow a pair of my mother's pantyhose, and it all went downhill from there. I'm now wearing satin panties, a fancy satin bra, black tights, a little black dress, and knee-high boots with 3-inch heels.

I'm still gaga for girls in tights. Sadly, my wife seldom wears any. There's something fabulously feminine about how they caress the gentle curves of a woman's legs. Their clinginess is like a second skin, and it's incredibly arousing to me to contemplate how feminine they are. They are also mainly worn with dresses and skirts, which makes them even more feminine. I love how smooth and soft they are to the touch.

When I wear stockings or tights, as I am now, I am embracing something uniquely feminine. There's no getting around it: only girls are supposed to wear tights and dresses. There's nothing more girlish. Yes, I love swimsuits and lingerie, too, but this is somehow more fundamental, more public. If I were a real girl, I'd wear tights or stockings almost all the time.

Diary Transcription Project Continues

Over a year ago, I had started blogifying my many diary entries from years gone by. I had abandoned the project because it's somewhat tedious, but now I'm interested again.

I have accumulated vast amounts of writing about my fantasies over the years, and it seems a shame to have them hidden forever. Of particular note are some epiphanies I had along the way, and how I marked major milestones in my feminine development.  The beginning of the diary itself was a major turning point in my life. It was the first time I ever admitted to myself that I love wearing women's clothes. Moving past denial after so many years was instrumental in making me the happy crossdresser that I am today.


I've had a decent bit of fun with the garter slip I ordered, but not as much as I'd imagined. Not yet, anyway.

This happens to me every now and then with certain outfits, particularly ones that I'm experimenting with. I latch onto a lovely picture of some garment, and I become obsessed with wearing it. Then I get one, and it's not as much fun as I'd hoped.  In general, I think the first time is never as much fun as later incidents. Often, however, the same garment later becomes one of my favorites.

For example, there's the blue one-piece swimsuit I bought years ago. I had picked it out of a rack at a drug store, and gotten nasty looks from the cashier. When I first wore it, I didn't like it at all. Eventually, it became the one thing I wore most of all! Then there's the teddy I ordered from VS a few months ago. I was unhappy with it the first couple of times, but now it's definitely one of my favorites. I haven't worn it all that often, but something about the lacy fringe on the leg holes drives me absolutely crazy with femininity.

Anyhow, I found my stash to be quite complete after that last purchase, so I didn't renew my P.O. box. I have so much girlie stuff now that I can't even hope to keep up!

But there's always more stuff to be had.

T__ decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. She was going to donate a bunch of stuff, and while she had stepped out for a bit, I inspected the items she was getting rid of. Sadly, one of them was the bikini panties, missing their bra, which she often wore when we first started seeing each other. I've certainly worn those panties far more than her. Those are now gone.  But at the bottom of one of the boxes was a little black dress that she used to wear in those days. I saw an opportunity to have something I wouldn't otherwise be likely to get for myself, so I stashed it away.

Yes, I now own my very own little black dress! Finally, I can wear something reasonable with my stockings and knee-high boots!

I'm wearing it now, along with some pantyhose I bought at the grocery store the other day, and my VS satin panties and bra. I feel like I'm living the dream now.