Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taking Full Advantage of a Rare Opportunity

So today, my wife had an outing, and she wouldn't be back until tomorrow morning. When she told me about it, I got very excited for all the fun things I could wear while she's gone. I'm insatiable when I have time to myself.

Since I had gotten ample warning, I had been making plans all week to get myself something special. I looked around on Victoria's Secret, Fredrick's, and so on, and was just overwhelmed by my options. But that's a lot harder than it seems: I have to somehow acquire my girlie goods, and I can't really mail order any of it, because it won't get here in time. I have to shop in person.

This took a first aborted trip to a Nordstrom Rack store, where I was horribly disappointed in myself for not really spending the time to really look, for fear of being seen fondling women's clothes. My real problem was that I didn't know what I wanted.

So I thought about it. I needed to get something I've never had. I've tried on just about everything under the sun. I've been fantasizing about a monokini for a while, but I've already got too many swimsuits. So I decided to get a corset and some knee-high fuck-me boots.

Since the wife left early in the morning, this gave me the opportunity to actually wear panties all day long. I put them on, and never looked back. I wore my own over top, to avoid detection. Then, after a long day's work, I went to Fredricks and DSW and got the requisite items. I've been wearing them ever since, and I love them! I've been fantasizing all night about how they're turning me into a real girl, and how lovely it would be if I could wear stuff like this all the time.

It'll be a long, wonderfully erotic night...