Monday, July 29, 2002

Diary: Re-Over-Thinking the Massive Forced Feminization Saga

I think I’ve got the right spin on the mega-story now.

Clearly, it’s too cold now as it stands.  I am missing the accusatory aspect, and I am also missing the element of decision.  It seems that far too many of my candidates are much too willing, and have very little surprise in store.  Also, the first grade courses are far too general.  I think now that all our candidates must begin in Grade 1, and move through the ranks accordingly.

Most importantly, I have isolated what I think is the key turning point in a man’s thought on his way to becoming a woman.  The programme must therefore change its focus slightly, and become more covert about its ultimate goal.  The only thing left is finding a reason for all these men to be in this situation.  All I can think of is prison, and a psycho-social experiment that they each volunteer to participate in to reduce their jail time – or perhaps an alternative sentence.  They can have no idea what the end goal is, but they are all carefully screened and enlisted in the scientific way I have described above.  

Thus the course begins as an exercise in defining female beauty.  All of the men are asked to scour girlie magazines, the internet, or anything at all to find materials upon which to base their study.  They all participate with great enthusiasm to this initial exercise, without knowing the ulterior motive: each man will be subtly encouraged to emulate his paragon of femininity.  It’s a twist on the story of the man who so admired Elle MacPherson’s beauty that he moulded himself in her image.  Here we will have 125 men all choosing an ideal, and finally becoming it.

Grade 1’s goal therefore changes, although the rating system remains intact.  Rather than embarking on some poorly defined, vaguely feminist quest for sympathy for women, first graders will establish their own explicit model of femininity, and begin to worship it.  When they exhibit evidence of having grasped the idea that their servility to it proves its potency as a controlling influence on not only them, but all men, they graduate to Grade 2.  In other words, when they admit that girls rule, they move on.

This becomes the seed for the rest of the course.  They will go on to learn the same things originally scheduled for Grade 2, but in the same ulterior context as Grade 1.  This time, they will focus heavily on all the aspects of their ideals that make them so powerful.  They will not necessarily explore any reason to explain how it affects them so much, but will focus only on identifying and admiring in close detail the exact characteristics of femininity that drive them so crazy.  Inevitably, this will lead to curves, textures, and clothing.

Grade 2 will also be far more maddening, as each participant will be teamed up with an outrageously gorgeous woman who closely matches his ideal.  This woman will actually live in the same cell, and will possess an entire wardrobe of insanely sexy undergarments and evening wear.  The men will continue to wear their prison jumpsuits, but must watch helpless as a living paragon of womanhood dresses and undresses before them, and provides flesh and blood work materials with which to enrich classroom discussions. 

The beauty of this approach is the new method for grading.  No longer will each participant be required to use his newly acquired knowledge of women’s wear to somehow plan a shopping trip for his own feminine wardrobe – an impossible event to justify both in terms of character development and plausibility – but he will now be monitored closely for any signs that he wants to wield the power that he worships.  To graduate to Grade 3, each man must voluntarily put on an article of his cellmate’s clothing for the purpose of making himself feminine.  It is entirely up to each man to show when he wants to graduate.  Of course, he will invariably do it in secret, so he will be monitored without his knowledge.  The moment of graduation will be his first willing and independent foray into his cellmate’s wardrobe, secret or not.  This will signify that he has chosen to at least experiment with becoming feminine.  He will be allowed, in some cases, to experiment for some time before his cellmate confronts him.  That moment will be his graduation.

Imagine the many scenarios: Cellmate barges in on him while he preens in her garter belt and stockings; Cellmate confronts him about stains on belly of her bathing suit, and browbeats him into admitting his crime in a Cinderella-like scenario where he must try it on to prove the innocence he proclaims; he is forced to wear Cellmate’s clothes against his will, because he just doesn’t get it, and he resists bitterly until he realizes how kinky it is and how desperately he looks forward to it, at which point he begins experimenting on his own; man shamelessly asks cellmate to borrow her clothes, and parades around in front of her in them.  The best part is that it varies wildly depending on the rating of each man!  There’s a different story for each one, and each one must ultimately show how a participant chooses to effeminate himself.

The cellmate must cajole her candidate after catching him flagrantly in the act.  She can be angry, supportive, indifferent, embarrassed, or any combination thereof, as long as she understands that the goal is to grant him some portion of her wardrobe for his secret pleasure.  She must promise him to keep his secret, yet allow him to continue his exploration of femininity.  This can go on for an extended period of time.  The candidate only graduates when he deliberately and without coercion reveals his femininity in public.  

Public femininity must, of course, have severe consequences.  Grade 4 students will have their entire wardrobes permanently replaced with those of their female cellmates.  Whether they are comfortable in their new clothes or not makes no difference.  They have already chosen, and must now actively pursue feminine roles, in public.  Since the original plot had participants either buying their own wardrobes or somehow being granted them, it missed the opportunity to expound on the discovery of new ways to become feminine.  Now, each man makes the choice, on his own, to pursue womanhood.  Because his choice involves the clothes of his avatar cellmate goddess, who wears only the things that drive him most crazy, she relinquishes her wardrobe to him at the moment of his graduation.  From then on, the only clothes he can wear are hers.  He has her entire collection at his disposal, but nothing the least bit masculine to fall back on.  Best of all, her entire collection was chosen by him to highlight her femininity in Grade 2.  This must be presented to him as both reward and punishment: his indiscretion must bring him acute humiliation; but the punishment also satisfies his wildest desire for feminine power.  He can take this in as many ways as there are participants.  He can either take full advantage of his luck and make himself as pretty and girlish as he can, or he can resist and go naked until he succumbs again and gradually gives in.

Having admitted that girls rule, and that femininity is the most powerful force on earth, each man gradually learns how to wield that power.  This is a finishing school for sissies.  Graduation occurs when our participant actually uses his feminine powers to seduce a real man, and suck his cock and get fucked in the ass by him. 
The fifth and final grade consists of a reminder of one’s innate masculinity, and how far removed each candidate is now that he wears nothing but lingerie and miniskirts, and sucks cock for fun.  He is reminded of his subservience to womanhood, and that the power of girls is such that he has attempted to transform himself wholly into one.  He is mocked and humiliated.  But it’s only a test.  He is hereby led to becoming ultimately female, by exploring options in plastic surgery and hormone therapy.  Again, he must choose his lot.  I can mostly imagine the reluctant ones unable to resist using their feminine powers, even as they refuse to take the extreme measures required to become completely female, until they finally give in.  Again, 125 candidates, 125 scenarios.

This new scenario has far fewer holes in it.  Now each man must make four excruciating choices before becoming a woman.  Each moment of choice should be enough to make it exciting.  Also, the whole story becomes more plausible, and therefore more sexy.

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