Friday, June 14, 2002

Diary: The Variables In the Massive Forced Feminization Stories

My feminization camp stories are missing one thing: a goal for its interns.  No, a competition.  I am watching the Miss Universe competition.  I think my candidates should compete in a beauty contest for the privilege of becoming female.  The losers are released into the world as they are; thus they have every incentive to turn completely female, or else re-enter the world as mere transsexuals.

All of the contestants are told from the beginning what they must strive for.  Those who resist must either submit or die, as we have already established.  And of course they must all struggle with how badly they want to be effeminated.  Of course, they all start from different points of view.  The variables:

  1. Experience (never imagined, imagined, tried a few times, often, regular)
  2. Desire (not interested, indifferent, curious, interested, desperate)
  3. Resistance (rebellion, reluctance, passivity, acceptance, zeal)

This gives us 125 participants.  Of course, this is only how they begin.  They all eventually succumb.

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