Sunday, June 23, 2002

Diary: Overthinking the Massive Forced Feminization Story

I have been thinking about this an awful lot.  I have it all figured out now.  It’s very similar to the above, with a few changes.  The three categories remain, but the levels differ slightly.  I arrive at these levels by basing them on responses to questions from a survey.  Here they are first in summary, then each explained in detail:

  • Experience (Have you ever wanted to be female?): Introduce, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
  • Desire (Would you like to be female?): Repulsed, Curious, Indifferent, Willing, Desperate
  • Co-operation (If someone were to attempt to make you female, how would you react?): Rebellious, Reluctant, Passive, Enthusiastic, Zealous


  1. Introduce: Has never wanted to be a girl.  Sees women as sex objects, therefore cannot even want to get inside a woman’s head.   
  2. Beginner: Has imagined being a girl, but stops short when it gets hot.
  3. Intermediate: Has fantasized about being female, perhaps even engaging in some transvestitism once or twice, but still primarily thinks from male perspective.
  4. Advanced: Has a persistent fetish for feminization; loves to wear women’s clothes, and does it regularly, but is content being a man
  5. Expert: A woman trapped in a man’s body.  Fantasizes daily about being a girl, wears some article of women’s clothing at all times.
  1. Repulsed: Would rather die than become a girl.
  2. Curious: Would like to know what it’s like to be a girl, but would definitely want to revert to manhood immediately afterwards.
  3. Indifferent: Has no gender preference.  Would be happy either way.
  4. Willing: Would happily experience womanhood, and never revert.
  5. Desperate: Longs to be a girl.  Would actively seek to become a girl.

  1. Rebellious: Refuses to co-operate; force required.
  2. Reluctant: Refuse to co-operate until threatened with violence.
  3. Passive: Will do exactly as told, without question, but will not volunteer for anything or participate beyond what is required.
  4. Enthusiastic: Participates actively, studies, looks ahead.  Willing to learn.
  5. Zealous: Participates aggressively, seeking to be the best in the class.
So we can make a questionnaire:

1. What is your sexual orientation? 
a) heterosexual
b) homosexual
c) bisexual

2. How often have you imagined what it would be like to be a member of the opposite gender?
a) Never
b) Once or twice
c) Sometimes
d) Frequently
e) Always

3. How frequently do you take on the role of the opposite gender, be it for play, for sexual gratification, or any other reason?  This includes transvestitism, playacting, and cajolery.
a) Never
b) Once or twice
c) Sometimes
d) Frequently
e) Always

4. Describe your reaction to the idea of becoming a member of the opposite gender:
a) Repulsed
b) Curious, but unwilling
c) Indifferent
d) Willing
e) Desperate

5. How would you like to join the opposite gender?
a) Would rather die
b) Would like to know what it’s like, but revert to original gender
c) Indifferent
d) Would like to know what it’s like, even if the change is permanent
e) Long to join opposite gender

6. How would you react if someone attempted to change your gender?
a) Resist at all costs
b) Resist until threatened with death
c) Remain passive
d) Assist in these attempts
e) You requested it

These questions are then processed and the participants sorted into classes.  Of course, there are two sets of answers to the survey: those submitted by the users, and their honest beliefs.  

We will have a set of 125 men (5 x 5 x5) who will each have a different set of honest responses.  Each of these men will then discover that he is in a one year feminization camp, and that he will compete for the honour of becoming a girl.

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