Sunday, January 25, 1998

Fantasy: Hair of the Dog

How about this scenario: I am me.  I wear women's underwear every now and then just for fun, but it stays in the closet.  I'm found out by my girlfriend, who dumps me.  I am alone, and ashamed.  I truly loved her, and I feel awful about her leaving me.  And I miss her lingerie, too.  So I vow to never wear women's clothes again.

Of course, as always, I fail.  I know that it's impossible to change this proclivity.  I keep succumbing to the urge.  Until one day, I finally decide to do something drastic about it.  So, I say to myself, you want to wear women's clothes for fun, eh?  Well, we'll see how fun it is if you wear them all the time.  So I start wearing women's underwear exclusively, hoping that I'll get sick of it and stop.  Only it has the opposite effect.  I wear it all the time, and I get so used to it, that I can't do without it.  I come out of the closet forever as a girl, just because it's just too fun to give up.

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