Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Fiction: Revenge of the Harem

I'm rich.  But I don't like to go out much.  That's why I keep my harem.  They're here for life.  They never leave.  I have my way with them whenever I want, and they can bitch all they want about it, it won't change.  They're my little sex slaves.

Typically, I tie them up naked, spread eagled and gagged on this contraption that I've got. It's like a roof on my bed.  I tie them to it so that they face the mattress, and come down to get fucked whether they like it or not.  I've even climbed up and hung off of them as I fuck them, so that they're fucking in mid-air.  It's quite a bit of fun.  They all hate it at first, but they eventually start loving it.

Then one day, the tables turn.  They somehow organize a revolt, and they capture me.  But they don't want to kill me.  They'd rather embarrass me.  They disable me, remove all my body hair, and strap me into some of their lingerie and then into the machine, where I can't move.  I'm wearing silky undies, a matching bra and garter belt and black stockings.  They take pictures of me, stare at me and laugh, and hurl insults at me.  They call me a sissy.  Then they bring in the real torture.

They bring in some strapping young faggot.  Essentially he does to me what I did to the girls.  And they all watch and hoot and holler and love the show.  He fucks me up the ass, in the mouth, the whole bit.  He even fondles my nipples.  He keeps my panties on, so that I don't forget who the girl is in this relationship.  He even whispers in my ear that I'm his little pretty girlfriend.  As he fucks me, he fondles my pantied crotch.  The girls cheer the loudest when I finally come.  I just feel so effeminate.

This goes on infinitely.  I'm imprisoned, and I'm forced to wear women's clothes only.  And every day, I get strapped in and fucked, just like my girls used to.  I start really enjoying it, too.  I start looking forward to it.  I start making myself as sexily effeminate as I can.  I start dressing myself up, rather than being forced to.  I willingly suck his dick.  I become his little private sex whore.  And I feel very feminine and proud.  The girls have their revenge.  

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