Sunday, February 01, 1998

Diary: On Discovering Other Writers

I've read a few more stories on dragscape.  It seems to me that there are a few drastic differences between the stories there and those that I tend to write.  Those stories are very often homosexual, and that's the number one difference, although not always.  But second, and most important, those stories never quite get into the head of the metamorphoser.  That's what fascinates me.

For example, there's that story about the army guy who gets ordered to become a girl, and who just suddenly discovers that he loves it and instantly goes all the way with it.  I much prefer the mental development, the discovery of a hidden, dark, very taboo sexual propensity.  And I love it gradual.  It's the understanding that it's completely wrong, but being completely unable to resist experimenting, and getting even deeper into it.  Just like I did it.

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