Saturday, August 01, 1998

Fiction: Queen of the Brothels, Redux

Now, let's get back to our detective story:

So the kid got conned into wearing women's clothes.  I'm not sure how it happened.  It doesn't even matter I suppose.  They could have forced him.  They could have coerced him.  They could have convinced him.  He could have resisted them.  He could have reluctantly agreed.  He could have been in no position to resist.  He could have even suggested it himself.  But I think they probably took away his clothes when he took up with them, and told him to wear women's clothes or else they turf him.  They limited his choices to either running away naked, unprotected from his creditors, or staying there and dressing like a girl.  He probably values his life, and he chose the latter.  

From there, they slowly trained him to get used to it.  He couldn't run away then, especially then.  He looked ridiculous dressed that way.  Who would help him?  Then they started demanding his money.  They promised him that he could live with them forever, and not have to ever worry about food or money again.  He only had to do as he was told.  Evidently, he did it voluntarily.  Wrote them a big fat cheque with all the money his parents gave him.

From there, it was slow effeminization.  They taught him how to act effeminately.  He learned.  They gave him hormones.  He eagerly measured his bust every morning, waiting for his breasts to grow.  And they had him acting in their pornos, as a she-male.  A chick with a dick.  I've seen him in one or two of them, sucking dicks.  He's not quite girlish, but his tits are pretty damned real.

OK, that's going nowhere.  I can't forget in one of the dragscape stories, how the submissive husband was forced by his wife to become a girl.  He had a fetish for sweaters (of all things), and she had him dress up in one.  Then she had him put on her panties and bra, put a sweater on top, and go shopping for lingerie.  From then on, he wore nothing but women's clothes.  He became a girl for her then.  But she had a master plan.  She wanted to show him off later in public as a girl, with real tits.  She asked him to sign up for hormone replacement.  He was reluctant to go in for such a permanent change, but he did.  And he became a she-male, sucking his wife's boyfriends' dicks.  Voluntarily.  Now that's interesting.

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