Saturday, August 01, 1998

Diary: New Silver Bikini!

Impulsively, I bought another bikini today. I think I struck gold.

I had actually been thinking of it for some time. I looked up a wholesale swimwear shop, hoping to find a good deal. The place was pretty small, near [a bakery we used to frequent], and pretty empty. I pretended to be interested in some flippers, but instead I took the silver bikini. It's a size 9-10, but the cut is very sexy. It's silver and shimmery, with a black plastic trim on the bra. I paid exactly $46 for it. I've been wearing the panties since I got home.

It fits quite nicely. I needed it badly. It's much better than that last one I had, although I wish I hadn't lost it. I wish I had been more careful about all of that stuff. There were some really good things in that bag, but it's gone now. Easy come, easy go. I'll especially miss that satin teddy with my first garter belt and my white fishnet stockings.

I've always been turned on by the idea of wearing women's underwear under my clothes. It's symbolic of how I feel girlish inside. Just as there's girl's undies under my clothes, there's a girl under my skin.

My only regret is having looked at myself. I look just awful in it.

I feel pretty good though.

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