Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hanky Panky Dream

I have a vague recollection of having a dream recently about frolicking in girl wear with someone else!

I think I was wearing something feminine -- possibly white short-shorts -- and feeling sexy.  At some point someone else appeared, a playmate, and I was happy but apprehensive about meeting them.  I wasn't at all ashamed or embarrassed about what I was wearing, if indeed I was en femme.  Certainly, the person I met was wearing white short-shorts or boyshorts, and not shy about it either.

What little I remember is that this other person had a penis, and I wanted to touch it, to experience cock for the first time.  I was excited, but apprehensive.  I wanted to feel it in my hand, but worried that I wouldn't enjoy it.  Then this person humped my hip.

His penis was small and wimpy, and I was disappointed -- not in the penis, not in my partner, but in myself -- for not being as aroused by it as I had hoped. Instead I was thinking about girls, and pussy, and that this proves what my true preference is.  I was at peace with my realization, as I let the gurl hump me.

That's all I remember.  The thought of it now is massively arousing.

Go figure.

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