Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Fiction: Conditioning Experiments

I was desperate.  I needed the money, or else I'd have been living on the street.  I always laughed at people who volunteered for scientific experiments for a price.  The scientists never told you what they were going to do to you.  I figured I would be trying out some new drugs or something.  I never expected them to do surgery.

I was so desperate that I let them do something to my cock.  They gave me a local anesthetic, cut my piece on two sides, and put in some stringy wire thing.  Then they stitched me up and told me not to engage in any sexual activity for 2 weeks, and to come back then.

Let me tell you, it was a nightmare to not allow myself any sexual gratification at all for that long.  It doesn't seem long, but I probably thought about it more often just because they told me I couldn't do it.  At any rate, I could barely notice that they had done anything to me.  The stitches were very fine and small.  The wire was so thin that I could only barely feel it under my skin.  Regardless, however difficult it was to resist wanking or fucking for two weeks, they sure didn't prepare me for their little experiment.
They sat me down on a chair and tied up my arms.  "Why the restraints?" I asked.

"Because we don't want you touching yourself at this point," explained a cute little blonde in a lab coat, as she wrote notes on a clipboard.  "We need to test your thresholds, and you touching yourself would throw off our calibrations."

She disappeared, and I was left alone in the room looking at a dark mirror in front of me.  It was like one of those cold, grey interrogation rooms in TV cop shows.  I knew they were watching me from behind that one-way glass.  

Suddenly, I felt a little twinge in my dick.  Didn't know what to make of it.  Then I felt it again, just as suddenly.  I felt a bit embarrassed, and worried.  I hoped that I hadn't reacted too strongly, knowing that they were watching my every move.  

Gradually the twinges became more persistent, and I knew that they were doing something to me.  It felt like a slight pressure on my cock.  It felt quite pleasant in fact.  I was getting aroused.

The sensation in my dick grew more and more pronounced.  It felt like something oscillating within me.  It felt like a phantom was giving me a hand job.  I must have turned purple, because I was horribly embarrassed.  A bunch of scientists were watching me try to keep a straight expression as they fiddled with my shaft with their remote control.  I squirmed in my seat.  I longed to touch myself, just as the cute little blonde had warned.  I wonder if I would have dared knowing that I was being watched.

Pretty soon, I didn't even care.  I felt so horny from the pulsation in my penis that I would have jerked off right in front of them.  I started doing a little dance in my chair, gyrating my hips instinctively.  It was growing to a fever pitch.  Pretty soon the pressure and pulse was enough that I didn't even think I'd need to touch my dick.  I was beginning to feel orgasmic.  I couldn't contain my pleasure.  I was breathing heavily, sweating, swinging my hips, moaning.  It must have looked like I was fucking a ghost.  It felt incredible.  I didn't even need to move!  Pure gratification.

Then I came all over myself, and collapsed into my chair.  But the pulses wouldn't stop.  In fact, they kept getting stronger.  Moments later, I was right back in my state of ecstasy, in spite of the initial discomfort.  I came all over myself again.

And again.

And yet again.

After the fifth time, I think I passed out.  My cock hurt like hell from all the work.  It couldn't handle any more.  They unstrapped me and handed me a clean pair of pants and underwear, and sent me to the showers.  Or rather, they rolled me to the showers, because I couldn't walk.

A week later, as scheduled, they ran the same experiment.  I was still sore from the week before.  This time, I lasted only four times, but man I was enjoying this experiment.  The sensation was almost as good as the best sex, I kid you not.  Or at least I thought so then.  I was scheduled to continue attending for six more weeks, and my resistance got stronger and stronger.  It was like working out a muscle for strength training.  I learned to control my orgasms like an expert.  I could hold out for at least an hour before coming.  Imagine the most intense sex you've ever had, and stretch out the peaks for an entire day.  This was much better than sex.
At the end they gave me my last paycheque and sent me on my way.  I had tried to pick up the little blonde, but she was probably pretty grossed out by what I had been through.  I felt like I could be the greatest lover a woman had ever known.  She looked totally uninterested when she shot me down.  Oh well.

It didn't take long for me to spend that cash.  Lucky for me they asked me if I wanted to come back for a longer experiment.  I jumped at the chance.  This time the experiment would go for six months.  Six months!  Getting jerked off for six months, and getting paid for it!  How could I resist?  I signed all the forms without even looking at them.

It turned out that I had to move in to their facility.  I didn't even have to go home anymore.  It seems the experiments were going to require constant monitoring.  It wouldn't be once a week anymore, but daily!  I was really beginning to like this.  Then they sprang their first stunt on me.

They weren't strapping me down anymore.  Instead, they sat me at a table, where they placed a closed box, and left the room.  Inside it was a pile of dead grasshoppers.  They told me to eat one.  I couldn't believe it.  I felt nothing in my dick.  Nothing at all.  They told me to open the box.  When I did, I felt them zap me something soothing and nice.  As soon as I let go of the box, it stopped.  Right away, I knew what they were up to.  They wanted to see how far I would stoop before giving in to my sexual desires.  Believe me, I tried to hold out.  It felt like hours, but apparently it was only 42:51.  It tasted awful, but the orgasm was phenomenal!  I felt cheap and disgusting, manipulated into doing something so revolting.

This went on for a week before they got to the real point of their experiment.  They had made me eat shit, smear it all over myself, lick the floor of a filthy latrine, drink toilet water, you name it.  I was totally enslaved.  I couldn't resist anything that they wanted me to do.  I began to despise them.  Even the cute little blonde.
I was supposed to have the weekend off.  They still needed to monitor me though, apparently, and the cute little blonde drew the short straw and had to watch me all weekend.  I think she had it all planned out.

In the middle of breakfast, the unmistakable pulse worked its way through my pyjamas.  This remote control worked from the other side of the building!  I ran back to the lab, cock throbbing with pleasure, ready to throttle the bitch.  When I got near her, she flipped a knob and I sank to my knees in agony.  The bitch!  She made me crawl to her, only alleviating the pain as I did her bidding.  She gave me an instant, super-intense orgasm when I finally complied and licked her feet.

"Now, let there be no question about who's boss around here, OK?" she sneered.

I nodded meekly in reverence to her power over me.  I had to do everything she said.

She made me wear women's underwear.  She rewarded me sweetly for it, too.  She made me Nair off all my body hair, put on makeup, and become a complete sissy boy for her.  And she rewarded me sweetly at every step.  I didn't want to.  But I had to.  It felt so incredibly good.  

She punished me quite a bit before I finally sucked her boyfriend's cock.  I resisted that for days, actually.  Finally, when I succumbed, she rewarded me with the most intense erotic sensation I have ever felt.  I sucked with complete relish as she fucked me remotely.  The more passionately I sucked, the more pleasure she granted me.  She finished me off as I finished licking the slimy mess from his thighs and balls that spilled out of my mouth when I couldn't swallow it fast enough.

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