Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Fiction: The Knight of Lingerie

[The knight rode in, gleaming in her armour, atop her white horse, taller than most men, but radiantly beautiful nonetheless.  Her armour was fitted to her feminine form.  She unhorsed many a knight during the tournament.  She took them prisoner, as is her right as victor, and returned to the land of Amazonia.  The men were never heard from again.  Perhaps they hid themselves in their shame for losing to a woman, even though she was formidable in her own right.]

[The woman-knight rides in and collects her prisoners in the name of the Queen of Amazonia.  She sends taunting messages from her Liege, which brings great shame to our kingdom.  But knights are afraid to challenge her.  She is so powerful that they fear losing to her.  It seems shameful merely to dress for battle against her, a woman.]

The king was troubled that none of his knights would take the challenge.  His kingdom became a wasteland, a mockery.  Until the White Knight appeared.

The White Knight meets the Princess of Amazonia in a joust.  They fight long and hard, but he eventually emerges victorious.  As his prize, he gets the Princess of Amazonia's hand, and all of her lands.  They travel together to Amazonia.

When they arrive, they treat him to a hero's welcome.  The Princess has hundreds of pages, all former knights that she has vanquished, at her service, and at the service of the White Knight.  She also has scores of beautiful maidens, who command the pages as they please, but also serve both the Princess and the White Knight.

As is the custom, the Princess bids her servants make the White Knight some clothes.  As they bring him his new garments, he remarks on how they appear unmistakably feminine.  But he cannot refuse them, or else he will dishonour himself.  Therefore he must agree to wear them. 

First, the maidens have him slide into tight, white, silken breeches, with lacy trim, and tie him into a matching harness for his chest.  This harness appears shaped to hold a woman's breasts.  They then girt him with an elegant white belt, made of the finest silk and lace he had ever seen.  From his belt hang ribbons of silk with buttons on the end.  It clinches him tightly around the waist, so tightly as to make him uncomfortable, but the maidens insist that this is the way it is meant to be, and that it suits him perfectly.  They bring him skin-tight silk stockings, pristine white, just like the breeches, chest harness, and belt.  He slides them onto his legs and luxuriates in the sensation.  At last, they present him with a beautiful white robe, which fits him tightly around the waist and chest and arms, but flares out at his legs.  They bring him delicate white leather shoes, with pointed toe and raised heel, which he barely manages to keep his balance in.

He marvels at the sensation that these clothes bring him.  He remarks on how the women of his land would wear exactly such clothing, but that he will willingly suffer wearing it to please his hostess. 

At last, they bring him to the Hall, where all the Amazonian knights and ladies await a great feast celebrating the impending wedding of their Princess.  To his dismay, the men and ladies follow similar fashions to his own people.  The knights gape at him in shock, and the ladies snicker.  The Princess appears beside him, more beautiful and radiant than ever any woman before her, wearing the same clothes.

"Lady," he complains, "You have dishonored me!  I will forever suffer the ridicule of my fellow knights, no matter how valiantly I fight, no matter how many knights and lands I conquer!  You have made me dress like a woman, and parade myself before hundreds of noble lords and ladies.  My dishonour will follow me like my shadow."

The Princess comforts him, reminding him how he seemed to enjoy his clothes earlier, and that he willingly put them on anyway.  Also, he reminded him that her honour lasts in spite of her wearing the same clothes.
The White Knight reddens with shame at this.  He flees to his chamber, to fling off his dress, and put on his armour.  His own clothes are gone, and he cannot go into his armour naked, so he keeps on his stockings, breeches, and chest harness.  He gallops far away from Amazonia, swearing to never return.  The Princess prophesies the contrary.

The White Knight, defending his honour along the way, conquers many more knights, whom he forces to surrender to the Princess of Amazonia and beg her to wear her clothing.  This would absolve him of all shame, because all knights wear women's clothing, not just him.  He arrives home to ridicule, and removes his armour to replace the object of his shame with more masculine attire.  He need not even vow to never wear women's clothing again.

At length, he finds himself longing for the Princess again.  He remembers the shame of wearing her clothing, but also thinks fondly of it for reminding him of his beloved Princess.  He longs so much for it that he has similar undergarments made for himself.  He wears them under his armour, just as he did when he departed Amazonia. 

He jousts another knight, who recognizes him, and chides him about his dishonour.  The other knight can see the white silk under a piece of armour he has knocked off the White Knight.  The enrages the White Knight, who vanquishes his opponent and kills him.  In his shame, he removes his womanly clothes at his first opportunity, vowing to avenge his shame.

But he returns to it, as if by enchantment.  He wears it more and more.  But it only increases his longing for his Princess, because he knows it to be a mere imitation of the genuine article.  He craves more and more the privilege of wearing his Princess's clothing.  He begins to feel more powerfully feminine than before.  He becomes more and more proud of his longing.  He begins to wear his feminine clothes as a badge of honour.  He has armour made for himself like he saw on his beloved princess.  He begins to become more and more like a woman.  His breasts begin to grow, his body hair thins, his voice rises.

At last he returns to her, happy to admit his folly, and agrees to become her equal, her sister in arms.  In a ceremony in front of all the vanquished knights, who have been forced to wear women's clothing, and praying for a saviour, the White Knight proclaims manhood dead, and vows to become a true woman, and rule Amazonia as a woman.

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