Thursday, December 16, 1999

Fantasy: Technological Feminization

Men are obsessed with the female form.  What's more, we pretend that we can't like delicate, frilly, flowery pretty things, yet we melt at the site of women who have all of these qualities.  In truth, men won't admit to obsessing over feminine things, because that would undermine their own sexuality.  Secretly, though, they can't get enough.  And secretly, they all want to surround themselves with femininity, but they just can't dare.  Women dress the way they do because they know that men like it.  They like it because they want to be feminine too.

Here's a fantasy: technological advances have made possible feminization through clothes. The cosmetics industry has designed garments that help women maintain their femininity far longer and more easily than before.  They have been shown to feminize the butchiest women.  Nobody thought they could be so useful on men. 

Masculinity is extremely fragile, but femininity is irrevocable.

The thigh-high stockings I've been forced to wear will electrolyze my leg hair completely off, permanently, while pumping a healthy dose of hormones into my skin.  Bras and panties concentrate energy on my female erogenous zones, and make it incredibly pleasurable to wear them.  The shoes, of course, form my feet into the perfect shape for 2-inch heels.  A garter belt squeezes my waist in.  I wear skirts and dresses only, because my panties burn up and punish me if they aren't allowed contact with air.  My vocal cords shrink, my body hair falls out, and I start liking boys a lot more.  I figure that I might as well enjoy my impending girlhood, because I can't resist anymore.  It's like a perpetual orgasm.  And I feel so pretty.

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