Saturday, April 15, 2000

Diary: Enumerations

Place items of feminine clothing in reverse order of impact.  Special combinations count as separate items (e.g. panties is one item; panties with matching brassiere, garter belt and and stockings is quite another).  Distinct types of items also count as separate items (e.g. silk stockings are not the same as fishnet stockings).

  1. Kilt, wearing men's underwear underneath.  Dressed like a Scot.
  2. Long skirt, everything else, including underwear, masculine
  3. Long skirt and blouse, men's underwear underneath
  4. Regular pantyhose, men's underwear
  5. Control-top pantyhose, men's underwear
  6. Bicycle shorts, no underwear.
  7. Regular pantyhose.  Nothing else.
  8. Control-top pantyhose.  Nothing else.
  9. 80's style leotard, no underwear.
  10. Lycra hot pants, no underwear.
  11. Lycra hot pants and a matching fairly full sport bra-type top.  No underwear.
  12. One-piece swimsuit, men's underwear underneath.
  13. One-piece swimsuit, control-top pantyhose underneath
  14. One-piece swimsuit, regular pantyhose underneath.
  15. Full-coverage one-piece swimsuit.
  16. Granny panties
  17. High-cut one-piece swimsuit
  18. High-cut one-piece swimsuit with racer back.
  19. Low-cut cotton bikini bottom
  20. Low-cut lycra bikini bottom
  21. Low-cut cotton bikini bottom and matching strapless bra
  22. Low-cut lycra bikini bottom and matching strapless bra
  23. High-cut cotton bikini and matching bra with straps
  24. Black cotton panties, full
  25. White cotton panties, full
  26. String bikini bottom
  27. High cut lycra bikini and matching bra with straps
  28. Full white cotton panties and bra
  29. Garter belt and nylon stockings
  30. Garter belt and silk stockings
  31. Garter belt and fishnet stockings
  32. Lace teddy, any colour
  33. White lace panties
  34. Black lace panties
  35. White silk or satin panties
  36. Black silk or satin panties
  37. Silk or satin teddy
  38. Lace panties and bra
  39. Silk or satin panties and bra
  40. Panties, bra, garter belt, and stockings
  41. Silk or satin teddy and garter belt and stockings
  42. Any panties and bra under a long flowing dress
  43. Any panties and bra under a long tight dress
  44. Any panties and bra under a short dress
  45. Any panties and bra under a tight miniskirt and halter top
Try to list everything female you've worn

  1. Pantyhose (regular)
  2. Control-top pantyhose
  3. Leotard tights
  4. Full Leotard
  5. Leotard without tights
  6. One-piece swimsuit
  7. Bikini bottom
  8. Bikini with strapless top
  9. Bikini
  10. Panties
  11. Bra
  12. Garter belt
  13. Fishnet stockings
  14. White satin teddy
  15. Black lace teddy
  16. White lace teddy
  17. Bustier
  18. Long dress
  19. Short dress
  20. Miniskirt
  21. Makeup

Do you own more different swimsuits than most women?

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