Monday, December 15, 1997

Fiction: The Ultimate Sexual Experience, Part 2

. . . until I came all over the place.  

I just couldn't help it.  I must admit that I had never come while wearing women's clothes before.  I felt so utterly degraded, in a way that no dominatrix had ever succeeded in making me feel.  There I was, tied down, unable to escape.  They kept telling me how cute I was in women's underwear.  They snapped my elastics, to keep reminding me of what I was wearing.  They had me in a feminine position.  They kept asking me how much I enjoyed being one of the girls.  They could tell that I was quite overwhelmed, even though I begged them to stop.  They let me sleep bound to the bed in their underwear, so that I could wake up in it again.
They roused me from my deep sleep and untied me.  "So," asked Danielle.  "What do you want to wear today, Sissy?"

I remained silent, and probably blushed.  

Pamela and Claudia brought out a few lingerie outfits.  I had to choose something to wear. "I'm not wearing that!" I raged.  "I'm paying for this, and you can't make me wear that."

Danielle almost busted a gut laughing.  

"Nobody's making you do anything," explained Claudia, mirthful herself.  

"This is your fantasy, don't forget.  Everything that happens to you, you allow to happen."

"Yeah?  Well I don't want this to happen."

"Fine, then.  Suit yourself."

"You can leave any time."

I thought about this.  For a long time.  It was true, nothing was stopping me from leaving right then and there.  But I figured, hey, I paid for it, so I might as well stay.  I was sure that they would stop making me wear their panties now.  Except for this one last time.  Besides, it was a new experience, and, I had to admit, a pretty good one, degrading as it is.

So I just selected a lace teddy and put it on.  The three girls cheered.

The day went on much as the last one.  I got a serious boner as I pranced and danced in that teddy.  It just felt so fresh and dainty.  And feminine.

Another accident.

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