Wednesday, December 10, 1997

Fiction: The Ultimate Sexual Experience, Part 1

I've done it all by now.  I've had sex every kind of sexual experience you can think of.  I've had sex in every conceivable position, with every conceivable kind of woman.  I've done bondage, I've done S&M, I've done it anally, vaginally, orally.  You name it, and I've done it.  Many times.  What can I say?  I'm macho, and women love me.  I'm the very paragon of masculinity.

It was with the intent to debunk that I answered the ad in Now magazine about the ultimate sexual experience for men.  I had experienced it all.  I knew what the ultimate experience was, and I was prepared to transform whatever they were going to present me with and turn it over its head.  I would change their definition of great sex.

The deal was for me to invest a bit more time than usual.  I was promised the greatest sexual experience of my life, but the catch was time.  I had to spend 4 weeks, or 28 days, living in a certain house downtown.  I would have to promise to spend all of those days there.  I could not go to work, I could not go out with friends.  I had to stay in that house, or under the supervision of my sexual partenaire for the whole 28 days.  I would have to pay the sum of $2500 for my stay.  "What if I don't experience the greatest sex ever?  Is there a money-back guarantee?"  


"So how do you expect me to believe this if you can't guarantee my money back if I'm not satisfied?"  

"Because you'll be satisfied."

How could I argue with that logic?  I signed up for it.  I could afford it easily.  I would go on an extended vacation as far as all of my acquaintances were concerned.  What could I lose?  I would at least fuck around for 28 days straight.  What could possibly go wrong?  

My first day and night there was pretty damned good, I must admit-even by my high standards.  It was a day-long orgy.  I have remarkable powers of regeneration, and even I was a bit sore at the end of it.  I was met at the door by a beautiful blonde bimbo.  She looked like Pamela Anderson.  She was wearing a sleazy minidress.  She looked like a high-class whore.  She took me up to my room, and showed me around a bit.  "You don't have to worry about anything here, Mr. M__.  We'll cook and clean for you and make sure that your every need is fulfilled.   Then we can begin the most delicious sexual experience of your life."  With that, she rubbed my crotch and kissed me passionately, and turned to leave.  I didn't let go of her hand.  "Why don't we start now?" I asked, yanking her back towards me.  She yelped as I started tearing off her clothes.  But she was responding quite nicely.  She was fucking me before I was even fucking her.  

Just as we were getting started, two more girls came gambolling in wearing lingerie.  They jumped right into it, and we had ourselves a mighty good time.  We all fucked each other real good.  The girls each took turns on me and on each other.  Too bad this was old hat to me.  Still very nice, of course, but not new.  

When it was done, and we were all out of breath and in the throes of afterglow, I asked them, "So is that all you have to offer?"

They all giggled.  "We haven't even started yet, Mr. M__."

An easy promise to make.  I would wait and see what would happen tomorrow.

The next day they paraded around the house in their underwear.  I never saw such a wonderful lingerie fashion show.  They were all incredibly beautiful women.  I fucked each of them again.  The one that looks like Danielle House I fucked three times.

The next few days went quite the same way.  When I was done with Pamela on the fourth day, I asked her what this supremely intense sexual experience was.  "You'll see when it happens," she said.  "But I want it now!" I replied.

"It's already started.  You're well on your way to it already, even if you don't realize it yet."

I took that with a grain of salt.  I figured that I would just fuck the shit out of these gorgeous nymphos and then split.  Sure, I had to pay in advance, but the sex was good enough to be worth what I paid.  It just wasn't nearly as mind-blowing as I thought it was supposed to be.  But then again, it was supposed to be a 28 day job, and I was only 4 days in.  There was still quite a ways to go.  At worst, I would get great sex from three fantastic women for an entire month.  At best, I might get the greatest sexual experience of my life after all.

They brought in the bondage and S&M gradually.  It was pretty good, too.  At first, I got to be in charge.  I could tell that they were humouring me.  But hey, they're whores, they're used to this kind of thing.  They do it all the time.  But pretty soon, I was getting bored of it.  I like to be dominated, too.  Even though I've done it before, many times.  Danielle and Pamela and Claudia took turns forcing me to make love to them in disgusting ways that I've done many times before.  I wondered if this was what they wanted me to think of as the ultimate sexual experience.  Maybe they wanted to take control of me and make a macho man their little love slave.  Well, I've been there, too.  I've been a love slave before, and it was pretty fun, too.  It was still my pleasure, wasn't it?

It was Danielle who started going a little further than I had gone before.  She roused me out of bed in the morning of day eight and told me to get dressed right away.  I played along.  But my clothes were missing.  She had a cane in her hand, and she whipped me with it to get me to hurry.  She laughed as she saw my confusion.  "I suppose you want some help, do you?" giggled Pamela as she opened the door.  I stared at her blankly.  Danielle approached with the cane, threateningly.

"I'll tell you what, R__," began Pamela.  "I'll give you something to wear for now, but you'll owe me a little favour, OK?"  I agreed quickly, knowing what was coming.

She slid out of her panties and tossed them to me.  This is where I draw the line.  I put my foot down right then and there-but not in any way that they might have expected.

I practically jumped into those silky little panties, and I pranced around imitating them.  I totally hammed it up.  And I made it pretty clear, too.  This wasn't exactly my idea of mind-blowing sex.  I wanted to show them that I wouldn't take this seriously.  I imagine that it was pretty fun for them to see a macho man like me prancing around in women's lingerie, but I had to remind them who's boss.

They didn't react quite the way I expected them to.  I thought that they'd just laugh about it and let me take it off.  I mean, they could see that I didn't care.  Instead, they gave me a matching bra to wear, and dominated me all day.  

I had been forced to wear women's underwear before by my love mistress.  It didn't do all that much for me.  They forced me to do things to them.  Just like any old dominatrix.  I'm sure it wasn't hard for them to figure out how I didn't enjoy it.  I subtly reminded them that it's their job to please their customer.  Danielle seemed to feel genuinely sorry for me.  She came to kiss me to make me feel better.  She fondled me all over where her underwear was.  That is, she snapped my bra, and my panty elastic.  It was all very tender.  This was something that I had never experienced.  My dominatrix of old had always forced me to wear it to degrade me, and then tore it off me to make me masculine again before fucking me.  These girls were having fun with me as I wore their underwear.  

"How can you not enjoy this?" cajoled Pamela.

"Look!  Your panties look just like mine!" remarked Danielle.  And she wasn't kidding, either.  I think I blushed then.  I was turned on from looking at Danielle's body in her underwear.  I just wanted to touch all the girls in their underwear.  I wanted to fondle all of them, but not naked.  No, I wanted to feel their silks and satins, and how sexy they were underneath.  We all remained semi-nude like that all night.  In their underwear.
When I woke up, I stripped out of the panties and bra.  It had been a new experience, alright, but wasn't quite as mind-blowing as they had made it out to be. Bondage could be so weird sometimes.  But I would keep this little experience to myself.

Almost as soon as I was naked, Claudia opened the door, whip in hand, and told me to get dressed.  She had to whip me a few times before I put on the underwear again.  But this time, it was different: it wasn't like being dominated before.  Somehow, it was more degrading than ever.  They were laughing at me.  They were reminding me of the night before, and how much I enjoyed wearing their panties then.  They continued to snap my elastics.  I was humiliated.  

They made me do their laundry.  I was made to hand-wash all of their sexy lingerie.  They asked me to pick out the three outfits that I liked best, because they wanted to look good for me.  I was shaking.  I looked at each panty, each teddy, each garter belt, and examined them all.  I fondled the silk, the lace, the trim.  I was getting very horny thinking of each girl in each piece of lingerie.  The lingerie itself became very sexy.  It all looked so feminine.  I selected each girl's outfit very carefully.  

The whole time, they were caressing me and fondling me again.  But they were much more vigorous this time.  When I was done, they threw me down to the ground, spread my legs, and masturbated me in my girlie panties and bra...

Oops!  I just came!  Maybe I can continue this later. . .

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Anonymous said...

I remember Danielle's Playboy. I masturbated a few times to her pictorial. Sometimes I miss the pre-internet porn days. The anticipation of this month's ladies. Or the embarrassment of asking for an issue across the convenience store counter.

Pam was a little over plasticized, but well she was sort of a fantasy whore, wasn't she. I pulled it more than a few times for her.

I was living with a girl who had a Cosmo subscription. That was were I saw Claudia Schiffer the first time. I couldn't wait for my girlfriend to leave so I could masturbate to Claudia's cover photo!

Thanks for the memories.