Sunday, December 28, 1997

Fiction: Outline: Mad Scientist

Next fantasy: the mad scientist who tries to experiment with some men to make them want to become women.  His experiment will try to find the source of gender identity.  So he has to force some men to wear underwear, coerce others, and give others all the choice they want.  Or else, it's one guinea pig, and he forces him to become a her through all sorts of torments of women's clothes.  And he will keep meticulous records the whole time.  Only he will find the whole thing most disgusting, how a man can totally abandon his gender like that.  Then the man will escape, and force the scientist to live through his own experiments, and get a unique insight into his experiment.  I picture this: the scientist doing his experiment, and his victim not knowing what is going on, slowly and innocently going female; and then he realizes what's going on, and tries to escape.  One day, he succeeds, and knocks out the scientist.  Then: the scientist wakes up from his unconsciousness, and screams when he notices that he's wearing women's lingerie, or a bathing suit, or something like that, and he struggles to get out, and the more he struggles, the more he pleases his feminine side, and he goes insane, becomes a flaming woman wannabe.  His experiments, of course, will have to be very gradual, to make sure that his guinea pig doesn't lose his mind or feel an incredible shock at his new identity; his own experience, however, will have to be quite the opposite: instantly he will wear the most intense lingerie, and become a fiend for it.

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