Wednesday, November 05, 1997

Diary: Affirmation

And the secret comes out: the most intense sexual gratification I have ever experienced came while I wore women's underwear.  I like to fantasize about becoming a girl by wearing lingerie and swimsuits and skirts.  I love to wholly forsake my masculinity by imagining myself turning into a woman as I frolic in tight effeminate garments.  I love to think that I can destroy my manhood by embracing feminine ways.  I often think that I want to be a girl because girls get to wear such wonderful clothing all the time. 

That said, let me begin another useless chronicle of my feminine side, which I will probably never read again.  It only gets my juices flowing, as it were.

Science fiction always provides an easy way to explain the kind of metamorphosis that I want to experience.   Here's another new fantasy, in the sci-fi genre.

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