Thursday, March 15, 2001

Story Ideas: The Triangle; and, 3rd Person

Two story ideas:
  1. A twist on the typical dominatrix-browbeats-submissive-husband-into-effeminate-slavery story: The effemination has already happened, and the husband is a good little housekeeping bitch, but has become so effeminate that he easily passes for a gorgeous woman.  Wife is settling on a boyfriend, a real macho type who dominates even her around.  So the sissy, who feels confident and feminine enough to resent his wife for turning him into an almost-girl, jealously contrives to secretly turn the wife's boyfriend into his own little sissy bitch.  Ends up with a three-way triangular domination: sissy's bitch is boyfriend, boyfriend's bitch is wife, and wife's bitch is sissy.
  2. Our narrator watches as his best friend sissifies out of control.  He begins to see the appeal himself, and his own experiments rapidly spiral out of control as well.

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