Friday, September 01, 1995

Fiction: Feminazi

The feminazi movement began innocently enough.  As early as the nineteen fifties, women were liberating themselves from the oppressive yoke of a patriarchal society.  They burned their brassieres in protest against constraining clothing.  They began to work outside the home, to earn a living independently of men.  They began to become self-sufficient.  Gradually, however, the movement gained so much ground that in the Nineties, women were socially as important as men, especially to the younger generations.  Women had come to a dead end in the road to equality: equality itself.

Here was the great rift between the feminists of the time.  Many women felt that the movement was being hijacked by lesbians, who seemed to want to androgynize society entirely, and prevent women from being women.  These Lesbianists were usually very masculine, and the more feminine elements felt pushed out of their natural functions as women.  The True Feminists wanted to remain women, remain feminine; the lesbianists seemed to counter that impulse.  The argument was that women are "feminine" only by the standards of men; they only become sexy in the eyes of men, thereby becoming their sex toys, and nothing more.  Such an attitude on the part of men could only set the movement back, and the Lesbianists believed that only by denying men the sexual aspects of women would they gain equality.  A truly equal society would have to be androgynous, to avoid sexual inbalance.  

But the True women knew that being women meant being attractive to men, and at the same time being superior to them.  They believed that they could use their sexual potency as an advantage over men.  These women, still heterosexual, had to account for their sex drive.  To the Lesbianists, this was blasphemy.
At around the same time, the fashion industry began to sexualize women to an astonishing degree.  Women wore tight, mostly revealing clothing, while men wore baggy, unflattering clothes and nondescript suits.  Women's bodies were being showcased, while men's bodies were being covered up.  This was the first covert push.  Even the Lesbianists had to appreciate this.

Men were certainly happy at this time.  They could see all they would want, and women still had no idea what lurked beneath the baggy rags of men.  Men slobbered all over women like lost puppies.  
Behind the scenes, the two groups of women, who had, naturally, cornered the fashion industry, had planned it this way.  Men were, in a way, subservient to their sexy women.  But they still regarded women as sex objects, and besides that held most of the power.  But women were creeping in slowly.  The Lesbianists and True Women realized that their visions of a female dominated society were identical, in that men would be as women were in the middle ages: slaves to their powerful spouses.  Only the women wanted to crush men even more brutally.  The Lesbianists, at least, envisaged a society where men would be used only for breeding purposes.  But the common dream of a feminine paradise was impossible with the opposition of the True Women.  

The Lesbianists placed a mole within the True Women's ranks, one who could speak and entice like only a select few have ever been able to.  She was able to charm the ranks of True Women to the point where she had repeated affairs with virtually all of the higher ranking members.  She transformed them all into closet lesbians with her charming and irresistible sex appeal.  Now, even the Ture Women were beginning to see that they could acheive better sexual experiences with other women than with men.  They were all eventually exposed to one another, and had a lesbian orgy to celebrate.  But they were a much larger and much more influential group than the left-leaning fringe group which opposed them.  They would accept a peaceful agreement with the Lesbianists only if women were not only allowed, but encouraged, and even forced, to be as feminine as possible.  Even women enjoy a sexy girl more than a fat semi-masculine cow.  The whole idea of their ultra-feminism was that men are only huge hairy violent brutes, and that soft, smooth, beautiful, delicate women are better off by themselves.  They slowly began to assimilate all women to their ways, by either charming heterosexual women into their beds and converting them, or else raping them and forcing them to accept their ways.  They were very clandestine, and very successful.  They operated with absolute secrecy.  No one ever dared to disclose to an untrusted woman, and certainly not any man, the true agenda of Women.  They had no need for preventive measures, because the converted were so unanimously and fanatically devoted to the cause.

By the time most women were converted, men began to notice that they were losing their grip on women.  Women were becoming openly homosexual, and thumbed their noses at their former lovers.  Men began to complain.  Some raped and beat women to get their sexual pleasures, but they were all severely punished, usually by castration, as according to the new laws passed at the bidding of Women.  Men were fearful of the consequences, because more often than not, during a rape investigation, any and all suspects of any connection to the injured lady were punished.  These incidents were rare indeed.  

Other men began to campaign for changes to the way things are done.  They were willing to give up political power in order to obtain sex.  In large measure, men refused this, but Women made huge advances politically in this time.  The fashion industry, however, had been recognized as a part of men's problems.  It seemed that women became so sexily clad that they could no longer resist each other, and that men were so painfully ugly in their clothes that they became ignored by women.  Documents have shown that the movement by men to change fashion to make them sexier, and more appealing to women, was planted by Female agents.  Men began, despite the fashion industry, to wear tighter, more revealing clothing.  Some enterprising males fashioned their own apparel to retain masculinity; but most of the men were forced to wear certain androgynous clothes, which had been designed for women.  men began to wear halter tops, and tight bicycle shorts.  They showed lots of flesh, and tight fitting garments were popular.  Women did begin to notice them again, but only as perversions of their new sexualities.  men would have to become much more feminine to attract women.  

At last, the campaign for men to wear women's clothing was in full force, and it proved to be the undoing of men in the end.  Women no longer had any interest in men, except as breeding tools.  Desperate men resorted to sex changes, or at least dressing in drag for sex.  They were indeed slaves to women in this way.  They went to great lengths to become as feminine as possible.  They shaved their bodies, grew their hair, and took estrogen pills.  Women had by now managed to gain all of the political power, because even men now regarded each other as useless unless they could get a woman to have sex with them; and the only way to do that was to become as feminine as possible. Society as a whole began to view femininity as the noblest ideal, and men strove to become like women.  Men began to wear skirts and blouses and makeup to acheive their ends.  Ironically, it was all out of machismo that they forsook masculinity.  They became women to be regarded as manly.  

Eventually, that entire plan fell apart on them, when they realized what was happening.  At least thirty percent of all men in the western world became transsexual.  Men in high places began to look more and more like women, and were eventually replaced by them.  In a short period of time, women had managed to seize control of government and establish a benign dictatorship.  Politics was no longer useful.  Women were absolute rulers of the West.  Men, by constitutional law, had to obey the Women at all times.  Men had in large part granted Women these powers.  Men were forced into slavery to women: each woman was allowed to have one slave man to do the dirty work for her.  Soon thereafter, masculinity was outlawed outright.  Men could exist, but they had to be feminine.  Independent men were outlaws.  

Men had given up alll of their property, and so had to beg the women for lodging, food, and clothing.  They were kept enthralled by feminine clothing.  Mostly, they were made to pick out a feminine outfit, or the mistress would choose one for them, and they would revel in their artificial femininity by wearing lingerie.  Many women would engage in psychological torture by forcing the men to dress up with them, and they would proceed to embrace, and the men would swoon and come all over themselves in this ultimate experience.  They were being transformed into women by women, who alone knew about womanhood.  The dream of a man was to become a girl in every way but genitally, and then breed with his mistress, whereupon he would be allowed (after successful fertilization) a full sex change.  He would at last become a woman. He would, of course, be a lesbian, and unable to reproduce, so he remained a slave to his mistress, but he ranked higher in the social order than anyone with a penis. 

Foreign governments were soon taken in as well, through the charm and propaganda of the women.  Women everywhere began to rule.  And now we have this glorious matriarchal system, where Women are the highest possible form of existence.

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