Saturday, September 02, 1995

Diary: the Perfect Woman

There it is.  I want to be completely effeminated.  Here's how it will happen: 

I will meet a supremely beautiful girl, the girl of my dreams.  I will fall in love with her completely.  She will love me too, but not as fully, and I will know this, and wonder why.  Then she will begin, as we become more familiar sexually, to have me wear her clothes.  She will enjoy making me feminine.  I will admit my fantasies about becoming feminine.  She will indulge me, have me effeminate myself by wearing her panties and skirts and dresses and bras.  We will share lingerie and swimsuits in private.  I will, with her fervent approval, begin to shave my body and take estrogen pills to have my body fat distribute itself femininely.  I will thereby grow tits and have my stomach shrink, and my thighs fatten.  I will take on a feminine personality.  And I will dress up like her, and we will thereby make love constantly, with me always longing to become feminine like her, and yet always long to touch her and enjoy her exquisitely perfect female body.

It will all begin, actually, with that vacation that I have planned, when I will isolate myself where no one will see me, where no one will know exactly where I am, and I will effeminate myself as I do now, in private, only more so.  I will, in that time, shave my body, and wear only women's clothes, including (especially) underwear.  Somehow, I will have the audacity to call a woman over, a whore, I guess, who will agree to do anything, no matter how weird.  I will ask her to bring all sorts of sexy lingerie, and pretty clothes, and I will have a dressing up session with her, and it will climax in us both wearing something very sexy, and me making out with her passionately and dry humping her, while she is still wearing her underwear.  That would be the ultimate sexual experience, especially if the woman is beautiful and passionately enthusiastic about it.  She has to like the fantasy, and exploit me with her feminine power, and love me.  That's the ultimate fantasy, no doubt.  She would ultimately become the girl I described above.  Or something like that.

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