Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why Wear Panties?

My Wife's New Nightie

It's been difficult lately to find the time to feed my femininity. My wife and I had a romantic weekend at a hotel, and I had bought her a new nightie for the occasion, but unfortunately, she was on her period. I still got to have some fun rubbing up against her while imagining myself in her outfit.

In the following days, I struggled a bit with some pent-up arousal. One night, just after turning in for the night, I remembered that there was a load of laundry spinning in the dryer which needed to be taken out, lest it get all wrinkled. My wife was already asleep, and I was somewhat restless, so I went to take care of it. The dryer was still running when I got to it, with only a few minutes to go. I didn't want to go back to bed for the short time that was left on the timer, and I didn't want to just stand there, either. What could I possibly occupy myself with?

I suppose I could have just stopped the dryer, and the clothes would already have been dry. Instead, I snuck over to my stash, slipped out of my pajama pants, and put on the panties of my favorite bikini.

As I luxuriated in the glorious girlishness of my panties, I remembered a notion I had not long ago about keeping a pair of panties in my work bag so I could wear them at the office. Since I was already fiddling with my stash, and T__ was asleep, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to smuggle out my favorite satin panties. The dryer stopped, and I sadly slipped off the bikini, and returned it to its hiding place. I emptied the dryer, and trudged back to bed, but not before hiding the satin panties in my work bag.

My Satin Panties
The next day, as soon as I got to the office, I rushed to the men's room and discreetly changed into my satin panties. They felt wonderfully soft and tight around my tush every time I moved or got up for some coffee. But as the day wore on, I knew that I wouldn't get any reasonable opportunity to cum. Sadly, I changed back out of my panties in the afternoon, and my arousal went unfulfilled.

 Axami Serenity
Amazing Panties by Axami
That was a couple of days ago. Today I had a bit of time to catch up. I didn't get to wear anything, unfortunately, but I did get to cum. I came fantasizing about wearing panties, and a bustier, and stockings, and lovely high heels. Inside my panties I had a soft, delicate, wet and slippery pussy, just aching to have a hard cock thrust into it.

That's the basis of my fantasies: imagining that I have a vagina. The rest, including the clothes, is secondary, but it helps the fantasy along. It makes me think that wearing enough bikinis and lingerie will eventually turn me into a woman. It hasn't happened yet, but it certainly has made me more feminine. That's what turns me on about shemale porn starlets and convincing crossdressers: it's possible to achieve womanhood with enough practice.


Anonymous said...


Bebe, as in B.B. which is "Bikini Bitch." I never leave blog roll gurls under their "real name." Unfortunately Blogger seems to have a mind of its own and changes them back sometimes.

Anyway, you really cover a lot in this one post. I'm digesting it still. And your query isn't exactly prone to a simple answer. An answer that would be very different for me at 12, 18, 30 and 40.

I've been slowly working my way through your blog a second time. I really enjoy its genuineness. I don't mind fiction if its good, but I don't like frauds. There are several popular ones out here in the cybernet. You know the ones I'm talking about. They publish poorly written fantasies of living the lifestyle of sissy-cuckolds as if they're real.

But your diary has reminded me of some things in my own past and triggered my thinking. I hope to write some of it down eventually. Reading your stuff is really helpful in getting a grasp on my own past. I mean figuratively rather than literally this time! Sometimes this impossible fantasy of being a girl consumes me so completely, and I just start doing stupid things.

So far I've always managed to scrape and claw my way back to reality, but as I feel the hole sucking me down once more there's that ever present fear if this will be the time when I don't resurface.


Swim Tran said...

The older stuff here was originally a private diary, which I used as a way to sort through my confusing and embarrassing thoughts. There was no intended audience to impress. The fiction was for my own titillation, and that's why so much of it is so rough. There have been very few revisions. It all festered for years before I got the courage to put it online. I'm glad that someone has finally discovered it, and ecstatic that you're getting something out of it.