Thursday, January 16, 2014

Goodbye to an Old Favorite

Every now and then, my wife picks through her closet for stuff she doesn't wear anymore, and donates it. The latest batch included a pair of wedge sandals that I probably wore as much as she did.

They were my first pair of heels. They were too small for me, but because of their shape and suppleness, I was just barely able to wrap the straps around my ankles and reach the very last buckle-hole. Wearing them was uncomfortable, but a constant reminder that I was wearing something outrageously feminine.

I wore them one last time before letting them go, along with a gorgeous bikini of hers that I also used to borrow often, and which she is thankfully keeping, for the time being, even though she hasn't touched it since long before she gave birth. I fantasized about being forced to wear that outfit to a swimming pool, and being unable to deny how much I love it.

Farewell, old friend! You will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

My first heels were wedge sandals too! Pilfered from my brother's girlfriend.