Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shipment #3

I was pretty saturated with the last shipment. I have so much feminine stuff now I don't know how I'll ever wear it all. Remember my declaration that I'd focus on swimwear? Well not too long ago, I got tired of all the bikinis, and got a strong hankering for some lingerie.

On a strong impulse, I went for the white garter slip I'd been dreaming of for months, and an appropriate pair of white panties. They finally arrived today.

I must admit, I wasn't feeling particularly keen on my little adventures lately. With the package in my car with me on the long ride home from work, I tried so hard to get myself into a little fantasy so I could get more enthusiastic about my new frillies. Try as I might, I just couldn't sustain a fantasy. Too much else on my mind.

Tonight was perfect for bringing this home, because the wife is out. When I arrived, I promptly unpacked my goodies, and inspected them, more interested in hiding them than wearing them. When I felt the unreal softness of the slip, my heart melted. It's exquisite! And now I had to put it on!

I rushed into the bedroom and squeezed myself in. It's wonderfully tight, all the way to my butt, where a set of garters await my stockings. It clasps in the back like a bra, which gives that wonderful feeling of being harnessed into something feminine, with no way out. The panties are OK. I have similar ones. I think I would have preferred something a little different, but I'm sure I'll enjoy them anyway.

Tomorrow morning, I'll put them both to the test. I'll have the time to put on some stockings and shoes with them.

Saturday will be even better, as I'll have the entire day and night to myself!

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