Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Obsession Fulfilled

As an aficionado of women's swimwear, I am keenly aware that the monokini has become fashionable. As such, I have been haunted by it for months. As you all know from my previous posts, I am obsessed with swimsuits, and I have a curious predilection for one-pieces. I have worn dozens of different bathing suits over the years, but I have never even had a chance to wear a monokini. Imagine the appeal: it's sexy like a bikini, fun like a one-piece, and just uncommon enough to be out of reach.

I've made half-baked plans to buy myself one more than once, but have consistently failed to execute on any of them. First, I've concentrated on the basics: I know I love one-pieces and bikinis, so I've always made sure to have access to some of those. Second, trendy as they are, they are still somewhat uncommon. My wife certainly wouldn't wear one because the resulting tan lines would be unappealing. Even stores stock only a few of them, and I suspect that many women, like my wife, avoid them.

With recent adventures, I've had my fill of bikinis. Sure, I'd always love to try on some more, but I have access to so many. My remaining one-piece is always fun, but I've had it for over a year now, so I'm ready for something new. And finally, my wife is taking a 3-day trip in a few weeks, so I'll have some quality alone time. Therefore, I have decided that I now would be a perfect time to get myself a monokini.

I've been keeping a list of links to monokinis I was interested in, mostly at Victoria's Secret. However, as I pondered which one I would purchase, I noticed to my horror that most of my links were broken!

But this was a mixed blessing: my choices may have been fewer, but Victoria's Secret had discontinued many of the items I was interested in, and was clearing out their inventory. This meant that I would have to act fast, before my precious monokinis disappeared forever. I found that the one suit I was particularly interested in was still available online, but not in the color I wanted. I was willing to compromise, and made plans to visit the local store.

I circled around the mall nervously before I worked up the courage to enter the store. There were very few customers, given the time of day. I wandered around, looking for their swimwear displays, and was disappointed to find one small clearance rack. It took a fair amount of courage simply to paw through the items on the rack. I did this tentatively for a few moments before I lost my nerve. I was terrified of looking like some kind of pervert, or of being recognized by someone.

I backed away from the rack, and found the current swimwear display. Unfortunately, it was beside the cashiers' counter, so I'd have to browse the pretty bikinis right next to the staff and a line of customers. I saw no one-piece suits -- much less monokinis -- at all in that small display. I desperately wanted to inspect every single piece of glorious feminine swimwear before me, but I could not dare to so much as touch any of it. I dutifully returned to the clearance rack at the other end of the store.

This time I took my time.

There were a few monokinis of various kinds hanging forlornly upon it, but not the one I had hoped to find. Most of the contents of the clearance rack was bikini bottoms without matching tops, and a few nighties. I was very keen on achieving my goal, so I carefully sought what I wanted. It appeared that all the remaining monokinis were of the PINK line, which I hadn't been particularly interested in. However, one type of suit did catch my attention. This one was certainly of the PINK variety, but it was also hot pink in color, and in a highly appealing metallic texture, and ultra-feminine side ties on the hips. I was getting excited about it. I initially had wanted one in black, but what could be more feminine than this striking pink? I checked the size (small) and price ($44.50, with a 50% discount!) and giddily returned to the cashiers' counter, where I awkwardly stood in line for a few seconds before even more awkwardly paying for my precious monokini. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the suit turned out to be only $12! Apparently, they had already applied a 50% discount, and added another to clear it out.

Oddly enough, the cashier was a straight man. I had never seen a straight man working at Victoria's Secret before. He offered me a membership card, which I politely declined, twice, before ringing me up. I was obviously embarrassed. I wonder if he suspected my motives.

I was so eager to wear it that I smuggled it into the restroom at the office, and, hidden in a big stall at an hour when nobody was around, I put it on. It fit perfectly. I was only disappointed that I wouldn't get to fully enjoy it just then, given the circumstances, so I quickly took it off and smuggled it back out.

I have now had my new monokini stashed in my secret hiding place all week, fantasizing the whole time about wearing it again. Since my wife is out for a couple of hours, I have slipped into it to tell its story. Now that I'm in it, I must confess that it's surely one of the most feminine items I have ever worn. I love it! It will be a key part of my most prurient fantasies for a long time.

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What a great find!