Sunday, June 15, 2003

Diary: New Girlfriend, New Wardrobe to Pilfer

Wouldn’t you know it: as soon as I move, I get a girlfriend.  No more time or opportunity for exploring this fantasy.  Or is there...

She’s got these gorgeous lace panties.  I tried them on once when she had them hanging of the curtain rod in the shower.  My God were they ever nice!  Then I got hooked.  I think I need some for myself.  And she has such wickedly sexy shoes.  One morning she had to drive her brothers to school, and I took that opportunity to put them on.  Finally!  I have succeeded in wearing girl shoes!  Open-toed heels, they were!  I put them on with the pink panties, and started to have a pretty good time.  But I was scared, so I put them all away.

Now she’s on a business trip, and she left me with a bit of laundry.  No super-special pink lace panties, but still, I have panties, a short camisole, and shorts to play with.  I’m tempted to go to Victoria’s Secret to get me some clearance priced panties and bras, but what will I do with them?  Isn’t it worth the investment anyway?  I could get my own sexy underwear, and have a damn good time with it.

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