Friday, August 16, 2002

Diary: New Dress!

I now own a little black dress.

On a whim, and needing some fishnet stockings, I ended up getting this slinky black vinyl minidress.  It’s ludicrously feminine.  It’s so fabulously tight, and short.  It makes me feel ridiculously sexy.  It’s also strangely mundane.  I wore it outside on the patio, bathed in its stark, inescapable light, exposed for all to see. 

I still long to be with a girl.  But this is almost as good.  I get such a big kick out of being around sexy girl stuff.  And fantasizing about wearing it and becoming a girl in it.

Oh my God!  I can’t believe I’m actually wearing a dress!  It’s so astoundingly sexy!  I’m sashaying around the house in it, loving the way it clings to my skin.  I am experiencing a sensation that no man should ever be allowed.  I’m wearing a lace thong and matching garter belt, holding up my new fishnet stockings.  All I need now is shoes.

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