Thursday, November 15, 2001

Fiction: Massive Forced Feminization: The Veteran

So many of the other men are protesting against the very idea of compromising their manhood.  The lingerie we are supposed to wear is absolutely gorgeous.  It's just the type of thing I would have bought for my own, private, pleasure.  But this is in public.  They want me to wear it.  I can't resist.  I've never done this in front of anyone before, but I really like where this is going.

As soon as I slide into the panties, a rush of excitement almost makes me faint.  I'm standing between two girls!  I'm willingly putting on the same underwear as they are!  How wonderfully, beautifully, arousingly exciting!  I giggle nervously as I make eye contact with the pretty brunette to my right while putting on the exquisite bra just as easily as she did.

It's always been so difficult for me.  I love girls so desperately.  I worship their shape, their attitude, their softness.  They make me swoon with desire.  But I love them so much that I often feel the need to be like them.  I never feel more intense a sexual rush than when I put on women's underwear and pretend that I'm turning into a girl.  I have kept this secret most vigorously.  Until now.

As I look around, I can tell by their faces that some of the other men are closet pansies just like me, but even now, with their fantasies fulfilling before their eyes, they still refuse to admit it.  I can't conceal my joy, and I'm not even bothering to.  I'm grinning from ear to ear, and fondling my new garments.  They want to turn me into a girl!

The pretty brunette turns out to be Nancy.  "How do you like your new panties?" she asks.

I blush and giggle like a schoolgirl.  "I like them.  A lot."

"They're really pretty on you.  How do you like the idea of becoming a girl?"

"I can't wait!"

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