Friday, December 22, 2000

Diary: New Hot Pink String Bikini With Flowers

For how long have I fantasized about string bikinis?  For as long as I can remember, they have been among the sexiest things on my list of garments to wear.  I have never worn one.

I suppose they've always been on my radar, but only lately has it become obsessive.  This summer, during the Canada Day celebrations, I saw a girl in Ottawa wearing a blue string bikini under her shorts.  It was the kind with panties that tie up on the sides in a delectable knot, and her top tied up the same way behind her back and neck.  It was blue.  I could tell what she was wearing because she wasn't wearing a shirt, just the top; and those sexy knots hung out above the belt of her jean shorts.  I was mesmerized.

Today, two nights before Xmas eve, I have succumbed and bought myself a wonderfully gorgeous string bikini.  

It's hard to imagine how one string bikini could be less feminine than another.  They are all so fantastically and unmistakably girlish that it's almost absurd - for the casual observer - to see much of a difference.  To the trained eye, however, the differences can be astounding.

Take, for example, a solid black string bikini.  It's absurdly sexy.  Its shape alone determines entirely what type of person should be wearing it.  Now think of a solid hot pink string bikini, and tell me which one is more feminine.  Clearly, hot pink has overwhelmingly feminine connotations to it that black, sadly, lacks.  Men never wear anything hot pink.  

I present you now with a third string bikini: the pink floral print string bikini!  Solid colours are simple, but floral patterns are radically effeminate, no matter what colour.  Imagine the feminine implications of a floral pattern in pink!  Imagine this insanely feminine pattern in the soft, stretchy lycra of a string bikini!
That is the bikini that I bought, and that I will wear.  What follows is a celebration of this glorious new addition to my wardrobe.

Actually, I've copied a previous story (the ageless fantasy of the male hero being captured by the women's army, which is out to effeminate the world, and how the hero must go through exponential stages to become a woman) and will improve it somewhat.  It's pretty good, so I'll make it better.  During most of this time, and this is the key, I must resist wearing the bikini.  I must starve myself from wearing it until later.  The discipline involved will reflect that in the story, and also make me unbearably horny to wear it.  I will have an unbelievable time with my bikini!

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