Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Diary: Advice Column

An article in the [local tabloid newspaper] caught my attention last weekend.  It's was part of an advice column about sex.  A man wrote that during a night of heavy drinking, his girlfriend got him to try on her panties while they made love, and that it was the most intense sexual experience of his life.  The problem was that he wanted to wear her panties often, and she wouldn't let him.  He had resorted to buying his own.  He openly admitted that wearing women's underwear had become an essential component of his sex life.

I wonder if this guy is completely honest.  Either way, I love the story.  It proves what I've always suspected: that any man who wears women's underwear will inevitably succumb to the awesome power of femininity.  I fantasize about that happening to me.  Is it possible that this man only realized what I've known all my life at that moment?  Surely, he must have had confusing cravings before then.  I'm willing to bet that he was always a closet pantywaist, and that this gave him an excuse to come out.  I wonder if he realizes that he really wants to be a girl?  I can just picture him lying about who initiated his transvestite experience.  At any rate, he has surely begged her to wear her underwear.

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