Monday, May 03, 1999

Fantasy: What If I Like It?

Quick little fantasy:

Please, don't make me wear that, I beg you!  That was made for girls to wear!  I can't wear it!  Yes, it's very pretty and everything. . . Yes I like it.  I'd love to see you wearing it.  You'd be gorgeous and sexy in it.  It's just that I can't.  Don't make me wear it!  Please!  Why do you want me to wear that?  Don't you know what will happen?  What if I like it?  I might never want to wear anything else!

There, are you happy now?  (Oh, but I am!)  Now I'm wearing your silky delicate soft lingerie.  You like it?  Oh, you do, do you?  Don't you wish I'd prance around like a girl in it?  Well, I'm glad you enjoy it.  Because I'm never wearing anything else ever again.

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