Friday, January 15, 1999

Fiction: How I Tricked My Wife Into Transforming Me Into a Woman

Counterpoint to the story about the woman who gradually surreptitiously transformed her husband into a woman:

Susan had no idea that I had fantasized about wearing her underwear.  I was getting sick and tired of wearing her things behind her back.  I had begun to lose interest in her: wearing her clothes gave me a much more powerful rush than fucking her.  She's very beautiful, don't get me wrong.  I just got caught up in her lingerie, and discovering an exciting new facet of myself.

The trick was to break it to her slowly.  I had to try to convince her that I would make a better girlfriend than husband.  I'm amazed that she stuck with me all this time.  I'm amazed, too, that she fell for it.  I guess we really were meant for each other. . .

It started with the shaving.  I didn't want to move too fast, because I didn't want to scare her away.  I knew that I had her when she suggested to me that a smooth, hairless man is sexy.  I had wanted for a long time to know what it feels like to have smooth legs, and to wear stockings on them.  I pretended to hesitate, but I couldn't wait to do it.

Then she pulled the old laundry trick on me to get me into her panties.  Again, I had to take it slow, and pretend that I didn't want to.  It's not like I hadn't worn them before.  Only now I got to wear them all the time.  I even bought my own eventually.  I felt so free, finally cavorting in women's underwear all day, every day!  Now when we fucked, I secretly pretended we were lesbians.  

I began to notice a strange taste in my breakfast orange juice.  She thinks I didn't know about the hormones.  At first I was shocked and angry.  I thought about confronting her.  I thought that this was going too far already.  The trouble is that the idea of slowly and biologically becoming female aroused me like nothing else.  I had to make a choice: continue along this crazy transsexual route, or end it right here.  

Pretty soon, I was taking sewing lessons, and doing Jazzercize.  I was becoming female.  I noticed my tits growing, and my nipples becoming sensitive.  Susan had no idea that I was right in on her program.  She caught me one day tanning myself in a bikini bottom.  I gave her some cockamammy excuse that I felt more comfortable in it anyway, because of the panties.  Which was true, come to think of it, but to a much greater extent than I let on.  I couldn't wait to cover my budding tits with the matching bras!  

Every step I took made me feel so wonderfully feminine!  I was so happy to wear a frilly, lacy, silky, satiny bra to match with my panties!  And Susan had no idea that I loved it so much.  She hoped that I would, but I was already way ahead of her.

Pretty soon, she let me be a girl, and I've loved every minute of it since.

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