Thursday, October 01, 1998

OK, enough of that.

A couple of stories that I read on dragscape show a certain pattern.  Both purport to be true.  One I sort of believe, the other not for a second.  The stories, in fact, are virtually identical:

  1. man marries woman
  2. woman discovers man's secret desire to dress up in her undies
  3. woman brings him shopping, humiliates him by having him try on skirts and lingerie
  4. man throws out all of his male clothing at woman's prompting
  5. man starts taking hormones to become a woman (at woman's prompting)
  6. woman loses all interest in man, and forces him to become her maid
  7. man becomes pretty much a woman from all the hormones, and starts sucking dick
I have to admit that the story turns me on immensely.

I know that I'll never do it, but I've fantasized about taking hormones and becoming a girl.  I'd grow tits, and my waist would shrink a bit, and I'd lose my body hair, and I'd get filled in and soft in all the right places.  I didn't mean it that way, but that, too, I suppose, is part of the charm.

In the scenario above, it's clear that the guy really wants to be a girl.  He could stop the whole thing at any time by just putting his foot down.  He acts like he has no choice, but he really does.  It's part of the thrill, even.  He knows that he can pull out of it, but he doesn't because he knows deep down that he really, really wants to be a girl.

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