Monday, June 01, 1998

Fiction: Queen of the Brothels

I have a story in mind:

The detective tracks down what happened to a young man who seems to have disappeared.  His rich parents want to know where he is.  The dick finds out that the kid somehow fell in with a female-worshiping cult.  He gave them his life's savings.  This is how it happened:

At the end of high school, he was depressed about still having his virginity.  So he went to the back pages of Now to find himself a whore.  Unfortunately for him, she was one of the minions of the Queen of the brothels.  She conned him into taking her more seriously as a girlfriend, and got him to more or less date her.  

Somehow, she gets him into debt.  He owes lots of money, so he has to resort to desperate measures to give it back.  He meets the Queen, who proposed to him some film work in some pornos she makes.  Sure! He agrees!  He gets to have sex all the time, and his debts get paid.  However, the terms of the deal require him to do some pretty oddball stuff.  

They start him slowly enough.  Then they start asking him to do some homo scenes.  He's a little scared at first, but the Queen threatens him to do as she says, or else he'll be at the mercy of his creditors.  He does as told.

Pretty soon it gets out of hand.  Somehow they get him into crossdressing.  He's all done up like a girl, and they force him to hand over his cash.  They make it sound sweet.  All he has to do is obey, and they'll take care of him forever.  He need not worry about making a living.  He reluctantly agrees, and they gradually turn him into a girl.  Still attracted to his girlfriend, he learns to get dressed from her.  He learns to shave his body.  He wears only women's clothes now.  This works because of the profitability of the sex trade, particularly in the fringes of perversity.  His excitement grows as the hormones they feed him start giving his body the shape of his girlfriend's.  He becomes a she-male porn star.

The detective, of course, goes undercover to find this out.  And he gets girled, too.

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