Monday, September 01, 1997

Diary: Candy Store

As it happens, A__ [my girlfriend] has gone away for ten days and left me the keys to her house.  I went there as soon as I could to rummage through her dresser and closet, looking for fun things to wear.  Among my top priorities were her bikini, which I doubted would be there, and her see-through lace underwear, which she had worn the day before she left.

The panties were there, but the bikini was not.

I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of a bikini, especially hers.  Even though I have one of my own.  But the see through lace was fantastic!  I found so many potentially delightful things in there.  I plan to return as soon as I can to explore them even more.  I found that bathing suit that she never wears, her little stretchy leotard shorts, another leotard--high cut, and those teddy-shorts of silk and lace.  So many options.  I went through her panty drawer, too, and found lots of potentially amusing things.  I can't wait to get my hands on them again.  

I felt like going all the way last night, but I didn't dare, because I was filthy and I smelled like smoke and dirt.  I didn't want to contaminate her dainty things.  I found a bra in the basement laundry pile, which I put on with the see-through panties.  Those panties were so tiny, but so incredibly sexy on me!  I am very happy to have worn them.  I will try on others of her panties, just for more fun.  I want to try on her leotards, her teddy, and one or two of her dresses.  I even want to wear some shoes.  I want the whole nine yards, probably because it's completely available to me.  I only wish I weren't limited by my recuperative abilities.  I wish I could just go on and on forever.  I might even steal some of her bottom-drawer, less distinctive panties, so that I can wear it whenever I want to.

So I'll be off again, and into her clothes.  I might even try on some make-up, for fun.  I'll be so effeminate!  I just can't wait. . .

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