Thursday, May 15, 1997

Fantasy: Doing Girl Stuff With a Girlfriend

Now the second thing: doing girl stuff with a girlfriend.

I imagined how incredible it would be to suddenly establish a kind of girlish relationship with A__ [my girlfriend].  She would want to share stuff with me that she only talks about with girls.  Just like she did when she tried to make her brother wear a dress when she was young, so she could have a sister to play with.  I would talk to her on the phone the day before, and we would agree to do girl stuff this weekend.  I would show up at her place, and we'd start.

This would certainly involve us prettying ourselves and each other up.  We would have to dress up, and show each other how pretty we can be, and share tips about boys and what they like, and how to please them.  So we would strip down and take separate showers, and get made up.  I would have to discard all my clothing, and coyly slip into my girlie underwear.  Panties and bra.  Lingerie, even, if I feel naughty.  We could discuss underwear.  We would try different things on.  It would be a lingerie fashion show, among girls.  No need to feel out of place.  It would be fun.  I would try on all sorts of stuff.  Of course, I would have shaven first, to look more sleek and feminine.

We'd try on other stuff, and just cavort around like girls in our underwear.  We would put on skirts and dresses and other girlish stuff, and do our hair and our makeup.  I would be completely effeminated.  She would make me as female as possible, and we'd both love it, and eventually just fondle each other to sleep.  In our panties or nighties or whatever.

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