Monday, November 20, 1995

Diary: Swimsuit Raid

I took it anyway last time we were there.  I'm glad, too.  But I seem to have lost interest for a while.  I'm close to S__, now.  But that's irrelevant to this work.

A__, who works on a phone sex line, tells me that men fantasizing about wearing women's underwear is very widespread.  I always thought so.  It's just that no one will admit it.  But damnit, we still love to indulge in it, don't we?  We just love to feel feminine.  Do I ever.  I really need lingerie, badly.  The bathing suit didn't titillate me all that much.  But I own it, now, so I am glad.  I just need panties, teddies, stockings, a g string.  That's what I want.

Wednesday, November 01, 1995

Diary: Pictures and Text, Oh My! [this was 1995 -- ed.]

I finally figured out how to incorporate pictures into text.  So here is what I want:

[broken image]

You see those panties?  I want something like that, although I can barely tell what I'm looking at.  There's a problem with this, and that is why this picture is fucked up.  I will look into getting those panties.  I want a closer look, though. . . 

Here is the teddy I want:

God is that ever beautiful!  I fugured out a way to get the picture to look better, but it's not quite up to par yet.  The colours are quite fucked up.  But man, do I ever want to wear that Teddiette!  And I will, too.  I swear it.
Tonight, I had a chance to get my very own bathing suit.  It was hanging in R__'s bathroom.  It was nice.  It had a crossing back, and a sort of coarse material.  I would have been in heaven had I taken it, but I thought it too risky, and I left it there.  I lost my chance: even if it's still there on Saturday, it would be very suspicious if it disappeared.  I doubt if R__ would have noticed its absence if I had taken it tonight.